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  1. When i summon with my ee, my other character attack the summon and kills it. This is a serious bug, i only tested with a party member, but if this happens with everyone using mu helper. The char is flagged pvp and the self defense starts. And you can kill it for free. Hope this gets fixed. regards.
  2. W coin history

    Thanks for the reply, can you point out an article about the monthly ranking or explain how its works? im relatively new to the server. much appreciated.
  3. W coin history

    Is there a way to see a list on the website with the history of all w-coins you earned and the source? if not, it would be a very nice addition. Just a suggestion. great server, regards
  4. Red dragon invasion

    Oh thanks, glad to hear its not a bug. Next time ill kill asap. regards
  5. Red dragon invasion

    I was killing 2 red dragons on lorencia and suddenly they disappered. Do the invasion have only 5 minutes of duration? Because it started 01:30 and ended 01:35. If this intended ok, but if it a bug, hope it got fixed soon. regards.
  6. x50 and x20

    Thanks for the info.
  7. x50 and x20

    Does x50 has the same content as the x20 server? Because on the server info on the x50 it was not stating that has the 3rd and 4th class. Thanks
  8. Gens bug?

    Thanks for the info. Take care
  9. Gens bug?

    Greetings, I joined gens duprian, left him and try to join the Gens Vanert. But i cannot. I am without gens and neither of them accept me. What can i do? Is this a bug? regards