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  1. Can't Register Castle Siege?????

    Registered your guild manually.
  2. Scrolls

    Update your game client, i bought this items without any issue.
  3. Can't Combine Elemental Rune Anymore

    Temporary disabled.
  4. Greetings, on July 10 at 18:00 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Reset Gens rank, Maze of Dimensions progress and patch release. After the maintenance game client will be updated automatically.
  5. Kundun dmg not displayed?

    You are not doing damage when kundun refill his HP.
  6. Errtel crafting

    Anger have higher % than others errtel's.
  7. Miracle closing ?

    Client bug, can't be fixed. Provide server, nickname, date and time. If possible add screenshots or video of this bug. Provide video, but likely it's a game client bug. Provide server, nickname, date and time.
  8. Horn Race Tournament on 07.07.2018

  9. Suggestions for the upcoming patch

    This is a bug report section?
  10. Disconnect account

    Next time provide also server, account disconnected.
  11. Kundun Bug

    Information collected and provided to developers, but i can't guarantee that this issue will be fixed.
  12. Skill tree problem

    You need learn this skill first.
  13. Muun pet bug list