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  1. Elf Def Formula

    Server has default formula: Dexterity / 10. Why not?
  2. Bug Report / Problem

    Close game client and run it again, egg's drop from event inventory are enabled now.
  3. Donate

    If you have EC card (maestro) you can try pay via paypal. Maybe little bit later will be added SWIFT bank transfers in interkassa payment system.
  4. Mini bosses archeon

    Drop rate is not 100% from these monsters, they can drop also event items like medals e.t.c. Anyway i increased drop rate for mithril and pentagrams.
  5. Donate

    Your can use credit card via paypal or interkassa payment system.
  6. gremory items overwritten

    This is how system works on part 2-2 update, you can't recover it.
  7. Party EXp v2

    Party bonus or penalty EXP is not displayed in EXP bar, you can check bonus or penalty EXP via incoming EXP text line.
  8. Red Dragons

    Increased to 5, but maybe server need restart for this changes.
  9. Dinorant

    Try press "alt" if sometimes your inventory have a lags.
  10. Battle Core

    Try now.
  11. Battle Core

    Register again, i'll check new logs.
  12. Battle Core

    I mean exit first from battlecore.
  13. Battle Core

    Exit first and try register from normal server, not event square.
  14. Party EXP