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    Hello everyone! I started this topic because me and my beautiful guild mates really think that this server is number 1, no matter what, but there is some things which could be improved and fixed. First of all, lets start with good things which keeps us in this server. 1.This server has no laggs, its optimized, really confortable gameplay, no pay2win if you compare to other servers. Second of all, things which could be inproved and fixed to attract more play2win players and make more fun in this game. We really see whats happening with server, and i can say that people who didnt started playing from start, they can catch up and because of that they are losing interest and they just leave server. How to fix this issue? Let me tell you how, so, as it is 50x server, you could add more custom spots in all mid lvl=high lvl maps, so people have easier lvling up. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Events(Golds/Dragons/Skeletons/White Wizard/Blood Castle/Devil Square/DoppelGanger/Illusion Temple/Imperial Guardian Fort/Chaos Castle/Groot events) All of those events should give Ruud, because Ruud is most important thing in this game to be better/stronger and have more fun, no one is using Excellent sets anymore, guess why? They are completely useless comparing to BA/DA/HA... Ancient sets. And if noone using Excellent sets, just make Golds give Ruud, why not? So there is some cool numbers for rewards. Blood Castle : 3 Rewards(Jewels/AA weapon or steel of heave/Ruud box) 4-5 same reward as it is now. 6-7 Stack of Jewels+1(Bless/Souls/Life/Creation 50%) (Chaos 25%) + (AA weapon normal 50%) (Excellent AA weapon 10%) (Steel of Heaven 10%) + (Ruud box lvl 1=1000-1500 /lvl2=1500-2000 /lvl3=2000-2500) Devil Square: (Jewels/Rudd box) 4-5 should stay the same, but could give also Jewels. 6=7 Should give Jewels+1(Bless/Souls/Life/Creation 50%) (Chaos 25%) (Ruud box lvl 1=1000-1500 /lvl2=1500-2000 /lvl3=2000-2500) Golds Same reward as it is now, but also each Gold should give 50 Ruud for Normal Server and 25 Ruud for VIP server. Dragons Same reward as it is now, but also each Dragon should give 100 Ruud for Normal Server and 50 Ruud for VIP server. Skeletons Skeleton king should give 100 Ruud and other two skeletons should give 50ruud each, for VIP 50 Ruud and 25 Ruud. White Wizards White Wizard should give 50 Ruud for VIP 25 Ruud. Chaos Castle : (Jewels/Ruud box) 1-5 should stay the same 6=7 should give Jewels+1(Bless/Souls/Life/Creation 50%) (Chaos 25%) (Ruud box lvl 1=1000-1500 /lvl2=1500-2000 /lvl3=2000-2500) DoppelGanger/Illusion Temple/Groot Events also should give some amount of Ruud and Jewels, other events are fine. Bosses(Magni Core/Lord Sylvester/Kundun 7/Ferea/Knicks) Rewards are Fine but, Each of those bosses should give Ruud Normal server- 1000 Ruud VIP server- 500 Ruud Ranking Events should reset 2 times per month, so play2win people get more Wcoins. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This new Reward system works best for people who doeasnt have 12 hours per day to play mu, so they just come home, do couple events, get some Ruud and after +- 1 month they can buy BA Ancient set. @Groot and Deryos, You open new server Go to vacation then u open another server after 2weeks and still say that u are in vacation, looks like u have strange plan... Open new server and dont care about them and control them, you guys already lost around 100+ players just by answering forever in chatbox/pm. I am not even talking about Bugs and glitches which are still not fixed.. like Muun bug... and etc, no point to talk about it over and over again. No one is perfect, but we could improve this server, so hope you will understand what i am trying to say, thanks. P.S Sorry for bad english lul
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    @Groot Admin dont forget about Stats requirements! GL and SM have to put lots of points to strength to be able to wear them.
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    Chaos Machine. Regular combination. 3rd Wings Creation. Fails. . Will haunt my dreams forever.
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    The key of the success, first of all, these are new players, who by their arrival brings a freshness into the already existing audience. If it happens, then our administration has fulfilled three things - advertising, which makes players generally aware of the project's existence, work on its internal component, thanks to which our project is brining an interest, and creating favourable conditions for our beginners. Norebirth administration is willing to show you that Asgard world isn't that closed and hostile. We are proud to announce that from now, all the newcomers will start the game with a special gift pack, demonstrating a truly unique non-reset MU Online world to everyone who has shown an interest. All new characters will start with a special freebie package that includes the following: 7 day beginner starting bonus (choose your own pet, transformation ring and mini wings, can be taken here). 7 day Gold VIP subscription (taken together with the beginner starting bonus).
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    Houk Everyone, One of our special members have documented our journey through this wonderful server! Enjoy!
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    x50 'Miracle' - dedicated dynamic high rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset lovers. Miracle is about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only. Miracle includes only a very limited x shop - no full option sets or other gaming valuables that can negatively affect play to win factor. What it takes for you to become a true miracle of norebirth world? Server features Norebirth works only with Webzen's official platform. Main server features can be seen below. Server features Game Version: Season 13 Part 2-2 Normal level rates: x50 Master level rates: x50/x50 Drop rates: 50% Zen rates: x10 Max level: 400 Max master level: 400/200 Stats for each level: 5/7 Guild creation level: 350 Joining gens level: 50 Mu Helper activation level: 10 Party system When your character is levelling in the party, your experience is modified depending on character classes and levels. Thus, player party without repeatable classes (Gold Party) gets +10% bonus experience for each player. However if party consists of same player classes, it gets a penalty -10% of acquired experience. Furthermore, total amount of penalty and bonus is divided among all members of the party, depending on their level difference. The greater level difference among players is, the greater penalty or bonus they will receive. - 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players Normal party -20% -30% -40% -50% Gold party - +30% +40% +50% Experience rates Character's levelling consists of total - 1000 levels. At level 400 DW / DK / ELF / SUM classes will be awarded with 2235 stat points (including Marlon and 3rd class quest completion bonus points). MG / DL / RF / GL classes will be awarded with 2853 stat points (including 3rd class quest completion bonus points). Additionally, extra stat points can be earned from fruits. At level 800 each class will be awarded with extra 400 master level points, which can be used in the master skill tree. However, the most interesting part comes when the player has reached level 800, since now he will be able to transcendence his character to 4th class. At this stage, player can earn extra 200 level/skill points to become a true miracle of norebirth world. Meanwhile, player will be able to start our unique achievement system when he has reached level 400, in order to earn more game currency and strengthen his character with a permanent buff. Level Normal Experience Master (3rd Class) Experience Master (4th Class) Experience 1 - 399 x50 - - 400 - 799 - x50 - 800 - 900 - - x50 You can find general description about the server here.
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    Hello Norebirthians! As you already know, the game on the current server Asgard x10 does not cause any interest anymore, since it has nearly died. Low online demotivates current users to continue the game, and especially demotivates newcomers to join the game. Asgard players must breathe a new life, accordingly, administration has made a decision to transfer Asgard players to the already existing Miracle x50 server, where players will be able to continue the game with their current Asgard characters. Technically it is a transfer from x10 to x50, therefore Miracle players have nothing to worry about, however Asgard players should prepare for the transfer. Only one highest level character per account with level 400 or above will be transferred. Asgard players must move all their gaming items to the one particular character they want to transfer. Only items located in the inventory, extra (bought) inventory, store, event inventory and muun inventory will be transferred together with the character. All items located in vault, x shop and gremory case will be deleted and items with expiration date will be expired. As well, the entire ML skill tree and w coins located on the website will be transferred. When transfer will take place, some of the nicknames may repeat. If the nickname on the Miracle turns out to be same as the one on Asgard, then a random character will be generated to the nickname. For these characters, nickname change service will be available for free. Transfer will take place on May 22, so please make sure to follow the steps according the second paragraph.
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    Groot you wanted report, you got it. You loaded patch, without checking it, no idea how many things are fucked up, noticed only that: maze bug, xp broken, red dragons and goldens dying from 1 hit, no drop from event stuff. Couldn't register for arca. Silver tried to register for 4 mins, all Deryos had to say was"Read Guide" well, Silver did it same as last 3 weeks, back then everything was wroking fine.From the tech like you Deryos i guess i cant expect to give me a serious answer, ur just gonna shoot "Ready Guide" well, im gonna shoot, go fishing mate, leave taking care of server for someone who is capable of it Sad thing is, how easy it is for you to just shit on other peoples time and effort. Other peoples time is also valuable.
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    Dear gamers, it's time for us to reward you for your self-devotion to norebirth project! We are giving away three brand new Razer Basilisk, the world's most advanced gaming mouses to our most dedicated users! Every single player can take a part in our giveaway. The giveaway itself consists of three winners, first mouse will go the highest level player, second mouse will go to the castle owner and third mouse will go to the lucky facebook user. About what exactly needs to be done, and when we will award our players with these ergonomic mouses - about all that you can read below. The contest counts for the Miracle x50 server only: Start Date: March 29, 2018 End Date: April 29, 2018 First mouse will go the highest level player: Player who holds the highest level position on the rankings list, on April 29, 18:00 server time, will receive a mouse. Second mouse will go to the castle owner: Guild master of the particular guild who has won the Castle Siege event on April 29, will receive a mouse. At least two guilds must participate in the Castle Siege on this day (there must be at least one attacker guild and one defender guild). Castle Siege registration time ends on April 24, 23:59 server time. Castle Siege warfare starts on April 29, 19:00 server time. Third mouse will go to the lucky facebook user (random winner): Like our facebook page. Share this giveaway post on your timeline and enter your game nickname in the comment section. Share this promo video on your timeline. You must have at least 50 friends on your facebook profile (fake users will be disqualified). You must have at least level 400 character on the Miracle x50 server. If the player has met all the points that are listed above, he will be selected for the random list. On April 29, one particular player from the random list will be selected and announced on our live stream video (accordingly we can't fake it). All our three mouses includes free worldwide shipping, just tell us your address and the mouse will be shipped to you, anywhere in the world!
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    Resetting a server that people have invest real money into is a bad idea.
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    Hello everyone! By playing this server over 1 month i and my Guild ''7sky'' want to complain,suggest about some things that we dont like or that we want see in game, not just our guild, but i think every other player will agree with my suggestions. PVP 1.(380LVL weapons. JOG options) Why they are nerfed from 200dmg to 50dmg ? These weapons are ment to PVP., so i dont really understand why u nerf JOG options, 380lvl weapons are worse than AA / BA/ DA weapons in PVM and also in PVP. Also to add JOG option u need item +14.... why?? Reconsider this please, u made 380lvl weapons useless. 2.(BA/DA weapons nerfed super hard) BA/DA weapons should be better in dmg than 380lvl weapons / AA weapons. So the idea is (380lvlwep>/AA>/BA>/DA>/BAA) Make 50dmg difference between each weapon, so noone will say DA OP OP, pay2win or something like that, just make them better, but not OP. 3.(Dinorant) U made Ranged dmg dealers (SM/SUM.....) worse by nerfing dmg % and absorb % on Dinorant, just bring it back please, its not op or anything. (3% dmg and 3% absorb is funny). 15% dmg and 10%absorb was normal. PVM 1. (Ferea and Nixie Lake Exp) So i have been checking pretty much all spots in game, and i can tell that Acheron (Nars) is best map, and there is like 2-3 hotspots, compare to other maps Nars is super good, but there is a funny part about Ferea and Nixie Lake, so... Nars xp per mob is better than Ferea xp per mob, but mobs in ferea are stronger and harder to kill... so where is logic? Nixie lake xp per mob is same as Nars xp per mob.... Nixie mobs are 2-3x times stronger than in Nars, where is logic there? I dont really understand where i should lvl up after 300ML to get normal xp, when Nars is 1 map in Server which gives decent xp and higher maps give same xp as lower map. Reconsider boosting xp in ferea and in Nixie please by 2x or even 3x times, cuz only 10 ppl n server can handle Nixie. I Tested all XP on 1 character solo. killing all 3 types of mobs (low/medium/high) Hope Groot and Daryos will reconsider all of this and make us litllebit happy P.S Can we get more info about RUUD? When can we buy RUUD for wcoins? Thanks.
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    The run-up to Halloween is in full swing, and therefore Norebirth administration offers you to compete for the title of the best storyteller, at the same time frightening everyone to death with its terrifying story. It doesn't matter whether description happened with you personally or you came up with it, after all, no one can be sure if the campfire stories are real or not. There is only one rule - the story can't be taken from other sources. As for the reward, the best storyteller will receive 1000 w coins. Yes, a whopping thousand coins! Just don't think that any set of random letters will hit the jackpot. The main prize will be given to the author, who came up with the most original story, all the rest participants - depending whether administration finds it creative or not. Good luck to all, and don't forget to place your candle in the bathroom and light it, stand and look into the mirror, chant slowly "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary". And see what happens! The winner will be selected and announced on November 7.
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    Well done to everyone, just wanted to give you a short feedback: @b1ack this reminds me those ''Scary Movie'' type of plots, kinda dumb, however at the same time quite creative. You managed to throw the horror and comedy genres into a blender, and the result is a delicious product that is ridiculously fun. 150 coins will be added on your account. @Offspring short, but awesome, ending gave me a goosebumps. 150 coins will be added on your account. @manhapt and @bgdnal, your stories were kinda primitive, however well done on putting mu elements in there. 100 coins will be added on each of your accounts. @jaypee, @Nagato and @Asura some of your ideas may be used to make one of those ''Back to School Horror'' movies. 100 coins will be added on each of your accounts. @mvang45 a great Shutter (2004) plot summary. I saw the movie, it gave me a goosebumps, especially in on of the ending scenes, when: ''he slowly opened his eyes... He finally saw.... that lady that he didn't help that night WAS SITTING ON HIS SHOULDERS!!'' 100 coins will be added on your account. @jakqwe plagiarism detected. Disqualified. And the whopping thousand coins goes to @Esca, as we think that you have come up with the most original story. Mysterious ending left us intrigued with a question: Does it ironically turns out that surgeon was dead throughout the story? All tagged players, let us know your in-game character names, as we want to make sure that coins will be given the right gaming accounts, within tomorrow.
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    We are pleased to announce that the new progression will be released on July 22 - new map, boss and cash shop goods will be added. And a great news for those, who loves novelties! Our developers are working on the 'Part 2' version already, which is passing the CBT stage now. Consequently, many bugs will be fixed within the official 'Part 2' release, which will take place without any wipes. However, it is too early to talk about the exact dates yet, since much work has to be done. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below. Changes: Added NPC Zyro, extra inventory vault purchase was disabled from the cash shop. Added marry system, for the particular system new jewel was added "Love Stone". Added command /dcfriend <nickname> <password>. Regarding the CW event, the possibility to kill elves on the altars was removed. Fixes: Fixed defence success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window. Fixed a scenario when it was possible to block all duel rooms without active duels. For successful game entry update your game client using Launcher. If you are still experiencing any troubles with auto-updater, download Patcher in the Files section and update client manually.
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    Fixed, trap experience won't give any experience anymore. Characters who were abusing bug were penalised, their level will be decreased by 100. Thank you for the report.
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    What about people who use a bug on the event Maze of Demansion like SugarDaddy and others... He obtained beacause of the bug wings 3.5 lvl and new ancient sets. He beacome unmatched and won 2 CS in a row. He one shoot everything. In statute of the game stands : "1.2 It is not allowed to use 3rd party software to alter the gameplay. Each player is required to report serious errors immediately to the Norebirth Administration. A player is not allowed to knowingly take advantage of bugs. If you notice that a player is abusing a bug in the game you must report him." i dont wanna ban for him but he should f.ex lose all of the items that he get from the BUG. TY for attention PEACE
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    The launch day is just around the corner, at 18:00 server time, on March 29, 2018, the gates of Miracle shall be opened and our most advanced Season 13 server will be released for the general public. Over the past few months of development, we have poured our long term experience and passion into this project and we strongly believe you will enjoy what we have stored for you but the work does not stop there, since norebirth is working around the clock. With the launch day of our most ambitious non-reset server to date, we are kindhearted to please every single player with a one day beginner starting bonus. What it takes for you to become a true miracle of norebirth world? Information about the Miracle can be already found here. We are assuring that we will not stop there and that our development team will only continue to please our players with the best service and most importantly the enjoyment we can humanly provide to our cold machines. In other words, players can expect some undesirable effects to be resolved as soon as they are noticed. We have years of experience that we have invested into Miracle but as players must know, crashes can be very sudden and surprising. Although having large confidence and experience, the population cap remains an unknown figure. Our team will monitor the server around the clock, especially we are expecting to work without a sleep during the early launch days. Miracle will work on a Season 13 Part 1-2 Emulator with unique settings and our custom features. It is a dynamic high rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset lovers. Season 13 has been released relatively recently, not many servers support it, even though they do, they are not reliable. Therefore our project can be considered as innovation. Precisely, that is what new players are looking for - everyone wants to play, if not, then at least see what kind of work our Korean comrades from Webzen did this time. And without a doubt there is lots of stuff to see! You may ask, what is so interesting about S13? These are new locations, new bosses, new awakening mastery items, new skill tree. Although 4th class quest was released in S12 Part 2 already, it is still worth mentioning that 4th class quest is one of the most interesting parts, since when the player has reached level 800, he will be able to transcendence his character to 4th class. At this stage, player can earn extra 100 level/skill points to become a true miracle of norebirth world. Meanwhile, player will be able to start our unique achievement system when he has reached level 400, in order to earn more game currency and strengthen his character with a permanent buff. Others may ask, should I join the server if I do not invest any penny in it? And the answer is yes, you should, since there is no webshop, where you can buy in-game weapons, armours and other valuable goods. Miracle involves a limited x shop and vip only! Guess you are wondering why we have called our x shop - limited? Simply, we have limited x shop to its maximum point, meaning no chaos cards, no lucky sets, basically nothing that could give advantage to players. Besides, we have reduced seal, pet and transformation ring % of gained experience - they have been cut significantly. Accordingly, Miracle is all about Play to Win! Although if someone donates for a slight experience bonus, we are very pleased, since we can afford to extend our hosting and use these pennies for advertising purposes. Get ready for the launch! Call your friends and share our post on fb! And at last, the most important thing. Have fun! It is a very fun game with fun community. Enjoy it. Be happy. Make others happy. Bring happiness. Avoid being negative. Be prepared, stay prepared, your delightful Norebirth Staff.
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    It's applied to the speed server only.
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    Something is definitely coming up.
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    Hello everyone, As you've already seen, 90% of this server is V Gens. Come join Legion, the only D Gens guild! We've already built a large group of players that are very much dedicated to the game. We provide party assistance when available, PvM Groups, Guild Content in the form of Kundun hunts, Refinary Hunts, Etc. Our guild policy for item trading is strictly no WCOIN sales in guild chat, if you want to make these arrangements, do it outside of guild chat. Please refer to the "N" guild finder to apply for legion.
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    This was a story of my deceased grand father who just passed away 2 years ago. He shared this story before he passed away. This took place at a small cinema in their place during his time. My grandfather loves to watch movies at the cinema during his time, My grand father is in one of the ordinary teens who loved watching old films. One day he went to a cinema alone to watch a film. When he entered the cinema, it was full of people. He could not sit down so he could do nothing but stand. According to him they were enjoying the film, he can hear scream, laugh, crown talking about the film. He enjoyed watching the movie until the end. When the movie was out and he was out of the cinema, he approached the security guard at the same time and said, "how long have you been inside? are you not afraid to watch?" My grandfather answer is "How can I fear the crowd, The movie is awesome" then suddenly the guard responded... "Sir, you're the only one who watched the film" and the guard showed the only ticket he had torn. Because of that experience my grandfather does't want to watch at the cinema house alone.
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    Hello Online Asgard players, Halloween Horror Night There once was a surgeon, being a surgeon, he would always prepare for his operations steadily. He was great at his job and saved countless lives. Despite the fact that he would only work day shifts due to the rumors of ghost's appearing at night. The following day came as he went to work, he has just been notified that he had to cover for another doctor's shift. Therefore, he would have to be covering a late night shift. 1:30 a.m and the night is dreadful, he only has one operation left and the chance's of the patient surviving was 50 percent chance. The patient had a brain tumor, and was more than likely to not make it if not operated. The surgeon did what he could, but he couldn't save this man's life. The time of death was recorded, "3:36 a.m", and then a white tag is put on the dead patient's wrist, for the notification of death. He was tired and deterred, from tonight's operation. As he made his last arrangements before heading home, he see's a little child in a wheel chair. He tells her, "You shouldn't be up here on the 11th floor.. it is only for staff members". The little girl softly replied, "I'm sorry, I am waiting for my nurse.. she told me to wait here". The surgeon told her that he would take her back to the floor of her room and then just message the nurse later. As they were going into the elevator, and went down from floor to floor. Nurses and patients would enter and exit before there designated floor. As the elevated door closes, a man yells "WAIT! I NEED TO GET ON THE ELEVATOR TOO!". Distances away from the elevator, the guy starts running and reaching for the elevator door, but the surgeon repeatedly presses the button to close the elevator door. The little girl stated that, "That was really rude.. why didn't you let him on with us?" The surgeon replied with a shiver in his voice, because that man had a white tag on his wrist. The little girl was confused and said, "So what?". The surgeon then explained, "Every patient that doesn't survive their operations are given a white tag which records their time of death.. and that was the guy I just finished operating on". The little girl started getting goosebumps and then grew quiet. The surgeon told the little girl that he was sorry and didn't mean to scare her. On the next floor the elevator door opened and my uncle walked out, and asked the little girl if she would be okay. The little girl nodded her head and just looked on the floor. As the surgeon walked out he told her that she would be fine, and as the elevator door closes, and he glances away, he slightly saw on the little girl's wrist.. a white tag. He froze for a brief moment and ran to vehicle outside of the hospital. Sweating and and loosening his tie, he turned on the car and rushed home. He was so terrified all he wanted to do was, go home and cuddle with his wife and apologies for all the wrong doings he had committed with patients he had molested during their operations as they were put to sleep. As he got to his house, he rushed to his doorstep and quickly opened the door. He went inside his house and undressed himself and ran upstairs and threw himself on the bed next to his wife. Laying there for 5 minutes, his cell phone rings next to him. He picks up and it is his wife calling... "Honey, I won't make home tonight.. I will be home tomorrow morning". His body is frozen, only realizing what on earth could he be cuddling with right now.. - That's all folks! HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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    So here are the steps: go to the npc first, open your event inventory, click on the cherries, move those cherries on the npc, now click on the npc.
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    Asgard x10, in the framework of numerous PR actions held on all the fronts, offers you a Facebook contest. All you have to do is just share this post on your timeline and enter your game nickname in the comment section, after which randomly selected 10 players will receive 100 W Coins on their game account. There aren't many conditions for the contest, but the most basic is that your shared post should stay on your timeline until October 20. In addition you must like and follow our facebook page, and should have at least 20 friends. The promotion will last until October 20! Hurry up and share this post, who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky winner?
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    Location Scroll Orb Parchment Lorencia Elveland 1 Kalima 1 Scroll of Fire Ball Scroll of Power Wave Scroll of Lighting Scroll of Teleport Scroll of Meteorite Scroll of Ice - - Noria - Orb of Summoning Healing Orb Orb of Greater Fortitude Orb of Greater Damage - Elveland 2-3 - - Drain Life Parchment Devias 1-3 Dungeon 1-3 Kalima 2 Scroll of Poison Scroll of Flame Scroll of Twister Scroll of Evil Spirit Scroll of Hellfire Wrath Scroll Spin Step Scroll Harsh Strike Scroll Orb of Impale Orb of Twisting Slash Orb of Fire Slash Sleep Parchment Increase Block Parchment Damage Reflection Parchment Increase Health Parchment Atlans 1-3 Lost Tower 1-7 Kalima 3 Obsidian Scroll Scroll of Critical Damage Scroll of Aqua Beam Scroll of Electric Spark Scroll of Soul Barrier Scroll of Summon Scroll of Cometfall Scroll of Inferno Swell Life Orb Orb of Penetration Orb of Death Stab Orb of Rageful Blow Berserker Parchment Chain Lightning Parchment Chain Drive Parchment Dragon Roar Parchment Ignore Defense Parchment Dark Side Parchment Tarkan 1 Aida 1 Icarus Kanturu 1 Kalima 4 Scroll of Teleport Ally Scroll of Ice Storm Breche Scroll Scroll of Fire Burst Magic Pin Scroll Orb of Ice Arrow Weakness Parchment Innovation Parchment Tarkan 2 Aida 2 Kanturu 2 Kalima 5 Scroll of Decay Scroll of Nova Scroll of Wizardry Enhance Scroll of Gigantic Storm Scroll of Fire Scream Scroll of Chaotic Diseier Shining Peak Scroll Crystal of Multi-Shot Crystal of Destruction Crystal of Flame Strike Crystal of Recovery Lightning Shock Parchment Dragon Slasher Parchment Ferea Nixie Lake Scroll of Meteor Strike Scroll of Meteor Storm Scroll of Soul Seeker Scroll of Dark Blast Scroll of Wind Soul Orb of Fire Blow Orb of Focus Shot Orb of Ice Blood Orb of Fire Blood Parchment of Fire Beast Parchment of Aqua Beast Parchment of Dark Phoenix Shot Spirit Hook Parchment
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    That's because every hour on this server is an happy hour.
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    The long-awaited launch is very close! So, today we are opening a beta version, where you can personally take part and get in touch with some of the game aspects before the official launch and maybe even find some game bugs that could be fixed in an advance. Gradually our project is coming to the final stage of development, meaning that server is almost ready to launch, so we are sticking to the same official launch day - October 7. If you have detected a problem/bug, please tell us about it in this thread, using the following form: Your game nickname. Bug screenshot or video, if there is one. Bug description. Client and patcher can be downloaded here. Important to know! Those who already downloaded a new client, will be able to use it when the off-release is out. It will be only required to download and install a patcher and that's it, so we advise everyone to download and install the new client now, so you can check the game entry and in general see how it performs on your PC. Take in mind that all items and characters made during the beta period on the test server will be deleted.
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    If you are reading this, then probably you have heard about the new server launch on the project Norebirth. Today, we are revealing all the cards! Norebrith project is exclusively made for no-reset server fans only. Everything for the sake of the mystery. So, are you ready to jump in and reveal the mystery? The massive launch day will take place on October 12, 2017. We are ready to offer you the most functional and competitive season 12 build with off-like character settings and modernised gameplay mechanics! Everything will be in the best traditions, lots of fun is guaranteed! Our project will radically differ from other servers in many ways. If you think that this is another random server, then you are very wrong. Only understanding users will be able to assess our hard work, our soul which we are putting into this large-scale project. A special attention should be payed to the following things: a limited number of stat points, same as in off-like, non-reset servers. That means that every single user will be able to come up with his own, unique build, which will positively affect the overall balance. Many of the characteristics that looses their beneficial properties on high reset servers will remain relevant and actual, and the variations of useful items will become much larger. In addition, despite such low rates, our server is not planning to become one of those where levelling will take years, and where beginners can forget about reaching the top in several months. Thanks to the non-reset system, various stat builds and our unique achievement system, our server will be in demand at any stage of its life, meaning that newcomers coming to our server will not experience much discomfort. More information about the server can be found here. Norebirth, and is that all there is? No, that's not all. In fact, our team is not only duplicating Webzen achievements, but also brings additional gameplay customs. Usually, it has something to do with the website, as a huge piece of content is tied to it. A new, unique castle building system - a kind of resource manager for the castle owners. Market and character auction house, which although can be find on many game servers, is made with the maximum convenience for our players. And of course, our original achievement system - if you are bored, then there will be dozen of tasks to do. And now about the launch! Server will be launched on October 12 at about 18:00 server time. Start will be carried with the support of Playdeon and Warius teams, which for several years is developing and maintaining MU Online servers. The reason we chose this day and time is that most people will be free from work and studies, yet before peak hours' smashing impact. This will also be an optimal time for many staff members as we expect to work without sleep during the early launch days. Bonuses for beginners! From 20th of October, onwards, every single beginner will be able to receive a useful pack of gift items that can be picked up on our website, in 'gifts from administrators' section. More detailed information about the beginner starting bonus can be found here.
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    This system allows you to automatically level up your character while you are offline. You don't need to keep your game window open, a minimal set of actions will level up your character by himself. Activation To activate it, you must type /offlevel in the chat. Once you have entered this command, a message in the system will notify you about the offline level up operation, and about what skill you are going to use. After that you can press Alt + F4, and the system will keep working. After your window is closed, a message will appear on your Personal Store [OFF-LEVEL / AFK], whereas none of the players will be able to interact with you. Offlevel feature lasts up to 24 hours (12 hours for non vip users). Main features The system works similarly to MU Helper, however with some slight differences. After activation, your character will start using all active skills, not more often than once in a second. Your character will stay still at the coordinates you have left him. In addition, your character will collect nearest rare items - excellent, ancient and also repair his broken equipment automatically. Offlevel maintenance does not require zen or other resources. If your character gets killed during the offlevel, then he will be disconnected and moved to the safe zone. User does not have any other privileges towards offlevel system.
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    Reward for winning an event is a GM Gift, which contains various rewards. Standard reward from the GM gift: 25 W Coins. Plus extra one of additional rewards: 5000 Ruud. Jewel Bundle (All kind). Steel of Heaven. Horn of Fenrir parts. 2.5th lvl wing parts. 3rd lvl wing parts. 2nd lvl wings (With exc. option). 380 lvl excl. items. Socket items with 3 slots. Pentagrams (Unique and rare). Normal ancient items. GM Gift
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    About us : We are bunch of hardcore players that having real fun while enjoying this game. No greedy attitude or crying suffers allowed into our group, we help each other as much as we can. We are online as much as it is possible, also we understand that it's a game and real life, family, work is more important. Some of our members already experienced most of mythic part of this game, so we don't mind if you are a non-experienced player. Be open and honest and fair with us and we will treat you the same. Doesn't matter where you from, as long you have good English. We mainly use loot council to fairly distribute gear, what we feel is best for the team. Only main char is allowed to join guild. We are not asking much but you will get a lot being under Punisher team cover. If you are an open mind person, with mature vocabulary, temperate, fair and trustful your place in our guild. Contact ingame for an application: Absolute or apply by pressing "N" button. Or leave a message here. Or jion our Discord : https://discord.gg/57dt2wZ
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    Unique progressive server presented by Norebirth is on the way! We are pleased to announce the launch of the new server will take place on June 22 at 18:00 server time. We're ready to give you something special, something that you won't found among the endless grey mass of other MU Online servers. Rampage hasn't been left without innovations, in which we will release an old dream of each fan of this game. First of all, it's about... complete lack of donate items! Secondly, in order to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Rampage introduces you a new innovation - progressive content, meaning that each month a new content will be released. Only honest farm, fair PvP/PvM and complete satisfaction from the game process! We are assuring that we will not stop there and that our development team will only continue to please our players with the best service and most importantly the enjoyment we can humanly provide to our cold machines. In other words, players can expect some undesirable effects to be resolved as soon as they are noticed. We have years of experience that we have invested into Rampage but as players must know, crashes can be very sudden and surprising. Although having large confidence and experience, the population cap remains an unknown figure. Just a little information for those, who don't know yet what our game server is famous for and what our emulator is capable of. Norebirth - a project that has been brought near to the perfection. Only on our server you will find novelties, such as castle building system, achievements and others. In fact, our server is fully play to win, with lots of ways to earn, the most alternative ways includes: «Market», «Voting», «Achievements», «Auction», «Referral system» and, of course, events from game masters. Rampage will work on a Season 13 Part 1-2 Emulator with unique settings and our custom features. It is a medium rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset lovers. Rampage is expected to be launched on June 22 at about 18:00 server time. The reason we chose this day and time is that most people will be free from work and studies, yet before peak hours' smashing impact. This will also be an optimal time for many staff members as we expect to work without sleep during the early launch days. Please remember the points that are mentioned above, have an understanding of our workload and remain patient, since expected or unexpected issues may arise. If for any reason any of the particular thing turns our to be wrong or unplanned - make a constructive thread on our forum and we can assure you that we will take a look on that as soon as possible. And the most important thing! Get ready for the launch! Call your friends and share this post on fb! With the launch day of our most ambitious non-reset server to date, we are pleased to award every single player with a one day beginner starting bonus.
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    It said you require 10 point right there. see those red word? train for 9lvl more then add.
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    What makes 0 sense, is that a person that earns as much as he states, didn't achieve more than spend it on a server to kill others. With your status, i see more coming from you. Not to mention, the fact that your choice of words seem to resemble a teen. The only reason why i am writing here, is because i always loved to talk about different subjects and try to understand others. Think of my as some kind of...mentalist. The more your talk and act, the better i understand you. This is basicly just pure curiosity. Cheers.
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    Hi mi ign is Oromis: Up until now i didn't want to voice any opinion because everyone in ponies had already seen this in our discord, as absolute has shown that we posses. But the video is truely funny, and without any evil intent. It actually shows sense of humor and maintains an elicit sense of rivalry with you guys. I think it's petty the fact that you guys have to change the direction of the discorse to blatant insults or childish ways of talking like you've accused Abso of acting. From what i can gather, my opinion of Abso has improvement by the messages he posted. He's honest, consistent on his thoughts and backs up on anything he says. But the thing I appretiate the most is that he actually types english I can undestand. Um, i just recently joined ponnies and honestly i couldnt be happier, i've been helped by so many i cant even list. Special mention to Justice , Abso, Kalmado and Waifu. Not only by helping understand a lot, since i basically only knew mu from over 10 years ago, but also they would just give me wc, items or pt whenever i needed (Justice praise thee lord!). Ofcourse i'll do my best to contribute as they know, and return in due kind! Since we all help each other and i like that. Well with the honorable exception of Takzi, which i find particularly funny that he has the reputation he has now haha (my personal experience) Anyways, dgens is the place to be and those who feel neglected in vgens, i invite you to the correct gens! Im no way near close these veterans of the server but i myself will help any of you how i can! PD: I can tell you're not too kind because i've interected with a few of vgens, even exchanged pleasant PM's, and when i send you one to you to inquire you about BK's since i saw you affecting the server balance changed over them, and having one of the highest levels BK's i was quite dissapointed on not even getting an answer. (This was before i was in ponies) Anyways, Fun vid. And dont worry, i'll try to be a contender in those CS soon enough
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    3.4 https://mu.norebirth.com/rules
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    Simple as it is = 0 Donate = Server dies less than in 1 year. 250wc=1 item is fair enough, you can farm/sell items in market and try to get set, also you can have 2-3 accounts and farm stuff. If 1 BA item costed like 1000 wcoins, it would be unbalanced cuz Donaters would destroy server, since 1 item is 250wc, its fair enough for everyone.
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    Here is few things: 1.Summon Scrolls - As its written that it can be upgraded through chaos machine I couldn't find a way to do it, you cannot put scroll in CM, tried cherry blossom method aswell doesn`t work. You can't upgrade it via CM after season 12 update. 2.Evomuuns Bug removed. 3. Offlevel - As I wrote in other topic : For some reason our characters don`t attack properly in Off-level mode, attack goes in the back of hero instead of normal ahead. Range of attacking in off-level mode it`s a bit weird as character can go away from spot if he finds creeps there - meaning that clicker settings in off-level mode are ignored (like hunting distance or return to initial position). And two last questions : is it normal that in this mode all buffs are not working? and potions are not working aswell. Thank you. Lots of IGCN mu owners are complaining about offlevel, but IGCN is focusing on releasing S13 now, so it's not being fixed for now. It's not our fault, it's a problem that comes straight from the IGCN source. I hope that IGCN will take their hands on offlevel system after S13 is being released. 4. Experience from different mobs Ex. : Ubaid hotspot gives +12000 exp/sec (GP) Uruk hotspot gives max 9000 exp/sec (GP) , while monsters in Uruk are much stronger than Ubaid ones should be other way round. Nars same as Uruk while Nars mobs again stronger than Uruk one. Nars gives you more experience than Uruk, you just have to find a proper strong party to kill mobs quicker, since the mobs itself are stronger, with more hp/def. We haven't changed obtainable experience from mobs, it's same as in webzen.
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    You can check that in-game, hotkey 'T' -> 'Event Map' -> 'Event Entry Level'.
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    A new maintenance scheduling plan on the server has been introduced. From now, each maintenance will take place on the 8th day of each month. On this day, Gens rank and the Maze of Dimensions progress will be reseted, as well as, new game patches, fixes and gameplay modifications will be released when necessary. During the maintenance server will be unavailable for a few minutes.
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    The winner will be announced in few hours.
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    Broken rule: 1.6. Punishment: in-game chat restriction for one day.
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    You need 4x4 spaces free in your inventory and your event inventory.
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    This story happened to one of us who had been in the retreat of our college. I did not witness the incident but the person who experienced this story shared. Seven years ago we retreat to a famous "retreat house" in our place. We spent three days in that area. Our first day was overwhelming, events were normal. But the second day we were in that place was suddenly strange. While we were busy with taking pictures suddenly we heard a cry inside the girls' dorm. We were all surprised and one of our friend started running and screaming, we followed her and ask why she was acting like that. She was terrified, she calmed down and started telling the story. Three of them went back to the dorm to get some things and to use the bathroom. The first lady entered the bathroom, and the two were left in the room. The first lady was spending so much time in the bathroom so both of them thought to lie down in bed while waiting until they fell a short sleep, the second lady woke up and she was asking the third lady if the first lady is done using the bathroom she keeps on asking but she noticed that the third lady is not responding. When he looked back at her she saw an old woman staring at her lying on the bed next to her, her eyes were furious and the old woman was staring at her she just pretended that she did not saw anything she looked back covered her self with a blanket and started crying until the first lady and third lady went back to the room and they saw her covering her self with the blanket, shaking and heared her crying so they went to her and asked her what happened... The care taker of that retreat house admitted that their where many lost souls in that retreat house, and also our Professor told us that when she went to the bathroom she saw a crying child. she just prayed and leave...
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    Hello, Everyone at home have toilet paper, most of them. If not, than sorry the story isn't for you! Well, where can I start. Since 4 years been cleaning my ass off by my self. Mom and dad were putting new toilet paper for Halloween every year. One day at 1993 2th November, everything dark as f*ck. At bathroom water dropin in to sink... pip-pip! I'm in bed and feeling much to go heavy on toilet. From bedroom to bathroom is like stairs, hallway and kitchen with full of meat because mom was making cow. So, I get my body out of bed... there's that feeling in butt, when you can feel your shit touching pants. Took my middle finger and pushed back to keep clean pants. Right after I got out of my room, someone was sitting near window in darkness and with moonlight saw him crying. That was the sound of water dropin. Went closer to see that who is he, was checking if he will reply on my hello. I told: "Hello-o-oo, who are you?". After minute or two he jump up and look at me without saying anything. The chocolate at my pants was bumping slowly out of pants on the floor. On street light came on and that someone, who was crying, vanished. Dropin sound made my dog from downstairs. Didn't believe in my chills to get crazy, but I keept calm and moved to stairs. The old days had those stairs with each step got noise. Had about thousand steps, was freaking out after 4th step when dog wake up. In mind was like:"ohhh shit, we will gona die!!!!". Big hall wheres TV, balcony, different kind of chairs and some weird shape in dad chair.... RUN AS FAST AS I COULD DOWN TO STAIRS. Light the lights up and saw dad sleepin on his chair. Pfffft!!! Feeew, run to bathroom took a biggest shit of my childhood and saw that there are no toilet paper. Remembered that I forgot toilet paper in my room, the special one for Halloween what dad gave it to me. With dirty ass went back to 2nd floor asap, than again saw something spooky. The doll was in my room, on my bed. Not any doll, something like from movie saw, but with yellow hair. Its past midnight, its 3th November and I'm in my room with dirty ass, Halloween toilet paper and unknown doll. Alright, I had that cool down thing when everything is good, someone is just tryin to trick me. Lookt at clock in my room and start went out of my room. From parents room came mom with something in hand. Couldnt see in darkness. Than she showed to like I should take it. The hand was all wet with something, could see how water dropin from the hand. From street throw windows pump quick light.... saw moms eyes all dark, like she wouldnt had eyes. The hands was full with bloody paper, blood was dropin on floor. Run as fast as I could to bathroom... BUT I didnt make it, fall from stairs in couch. All couch was full with my shit and dad wake up. Childhood memory.
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    You know, I observed other servers with tons of online, where players are playing with 5, 10 and even 20 accounts and unfortunately these servers seemed to be quit dead to me. Just imagine, most of the players are playing with five account - you will find that players are just farming on every single place. Is that fair to a beginner who joins the game, who finds out that there are farmers on every single place, not giving him a chance to level up? Our main goal is to get as much 'real online' player base as possible, without those fake players and farmers. In fact, you will see that most of the users are against your suggestion. Maybe I would reconsider my decision if there was no offlevel system, however with offlevel system 3 accounts per hardware is more than enough. Have a good day Chris, Groot
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