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    Record a video of this bug please and upload here.
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    Greetings, on August 09 at 16:00-17:00 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Reset Gens rank, Maze of Dimensions progress and patch release. Changelog includes following: Fixed reflect value does not show in C window. Fixed dark raven visual bug. Fixed Seed of Earth Increase vitality option issue. After the maintenance it is not required to update the game client!
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    It's can happen with any boss and issue appear on all MU servers, can't fix that. Need wait for full restart.
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    Each month there is a ranking for some events of the game. Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Golden Invasions, you can check them all on this link (https://mu.norebirth.com/ratings/events/rampage). In the last day of the month, at 00:00 server time, you will be automatically rewarded Wcoin according to your placements on these events. There is also a ranking for the Top Voters (https://mu.norebirth.com/ratings/vote/rampage). I don't know if there is a reward for Top Gens.
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    https://mu.norebirth.com/market/mystats Here you can look the wcoin income on the market, from selling and buying stuff. Other than that, there is no way to check the wcoin you earn from voting, monthly ranking and etc.
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    You cannot gain master xp in maps like tarkan. Try to go like karutan acheron or kanturu3 and etc
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    its inteended, only last 5mins
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    There is a 24h cooldown before you can join a new gens when you left one.
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