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    We are pleased to announce that the new progression will be released on July 22 - new map, boss and cash shop goods will be added. And a great news for those, who loves novelties! Our developers are working on the 'Part 2' version already, which is passing the CBT stage now. Consequently, many bugs will be fixed within the official 'Part 2' release, which will take place without any wipes. However, it is too early to talk about the exact dates yet, since much work has to be done. Furthermore, all the changelog is listed below. Changes: Added NPC Zyro, extra inventory vault purchase was disabled from the cash shop. Added marry system, for the particular system new jewel was added "Love Stone". Added command /dcfriend <nickname> <password>. Regarding the CW event, the possibility to kill elves on the altars was removed. Fixes: Fixed defence success rate calc invalid parameter type causing improper display in C window. Fixed a scenario when it was possible to block all duel rooms without active duels. For successful game entry update your game client using Launcher. If you are still experiencing any troubles with auto-updater, download Patcher in the Files section and update client manually.
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    Fixed, trap experience won't give any experience anymore. Characters who were abusing bug were penalised, their level will be decreased by 100. Thank you for the report.
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    Server. Rampage Game nickname. deadguy128 Link of a status (mood) screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/AAelr0g Link of a group (conference) screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/Zxrju9w Deltagere = how many people in the group its just in danish
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    Greetings, on July 10 at 18:00 server time technical works will be performed on our server. Maintenance reason: Reset Gens rank, Maze of Dimensions progress and patch release. After the maintenance game client will be updated automatically.
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    To register a marriage, both groom and bride must have a Love Stone in their inventories, which can be bought in the Cash Shop. In addition, both must have 50kk zen in their inventories and at least 400 lvl. If everything is set and ready both of the players must teleport to Devias 2 and head to the altar, coordinates 14.25 and 14.26. After that one of brides must write the command /prop nickname, consequently other bride must write the command /accept in the chat, after which a server message will pop out and notify everyone about the new honeymooners! Command /teleport - the husband and wife can teleport to each other. Command /divorce - marriage will be destroyed. Same-sex marriage is not allowed.
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    Just made a list, which can be useful for players. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Daily Event Schedule _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Devil Square 00:00 02:00 04:00 06:00 08:00 10:00 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 Devil Square 2 Blood Castle 00:25 02:25 04:25 06:25 08:25 10:25 12:25 14:25 16:25 18:25 20:25 22:25 Blood Castle 3 Chaos Castle 01:00 03:00 05:00 07:00 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 23:00 Chaos Castle 4 White Wizard 01:20 03:20 05:20 07:20 09:20 11:20 13:20 15:20 17:20 19:20 21:20 23:20 White Wizard 5 Skeleton King 01:25 03:25 05:25 07:25 09:25 11:25 13:25 15:25 17:25 19:25 21:25 23:25 Skeleton King 6 Golden Dragon 01:30 05:30 09:30 13:30 17:30 21:30 Golden Dragon 7 Red Dragon 03:30 07:30 11:30 15:30 19:30 23:30 Red Dragon 8 Medusa Boss 18:00 Medusa Boss 9 Acheron Protector 20:00 Acheron Protector 10 Loren Deep 20:20 Loren Deep
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    Players, if you have any suggestion or you would like to see some changes for the upcoming patch, let us know and we will consider them. We would like to improve the game as much as possible! You may leave your suggestion in this thread, according the form: Game nickname, server. Suggestion(s).
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    Next time provide also server, account disconnected.
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    You need learn this skill first.
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    So I'm sure you already know this seeing as to how many posts about this there are but, Muun pets are seriously bugged. Here's a few things that I've noticed: -Generally speaking Muun pets only work well in Crywolf server. -When opening a new muun egg the pet never shows in your inventory (even though you get the system notification) -Older muun pet get replaced by new muun pet you open. -All pets in your inventory disappear until you go Crywolf and come back (not sure what triggers this but happens at least once a day) -Equipped pets don't show in game/disappear from screen. Which means there's no pet bonus and can't mount. -Can't mount especial muun. After managing to make the pet appear Ctrl+z hotkey shows on screen but nothing happens when used. Please figure this out. As it stands pets are completely unreliable and it's a shame. Especially knowing how long you've been aware of these bugs.
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    You ruined an event for over 10 people and you have the nerve to complain? Or are you intentionally getting on everyone's nerve so you can get pity bans on everyone? Is that is? You want to be the last person playing on the server? Ludicrous. Why don't you also post a picture of you spawn killing noobs with your maxed characters over and over because they had the nerve to kill one of your alts? I think that would be more interesting for Groot to see.
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    The following events will take place on RS Rampage (Regular Server): Event #1: Hide and seek Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Event #2: Fill the gaps Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 4 Winners Winner 1: x1 GM Gift Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Winner 4: x1 GM Gift Event #3: Bring me event Prize pool: x4 GM Gift, 3 Winners Winner 1: x2 GM Gift - Jackpot Winner 2: x1 GM Gift Winner 3: x1 GM Gift Information about all of the events can be found here. Information about GM Gift can be found here.
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    10 point in Mana Inc, 10 point in AG then you can add point in Magic pin Mastery
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    Vinci, Rampage 1. Is there a possibility to add in game time = wcoins? Most servers have this and I think that as long as it's done well (very very low exchange rate) it could help the balance between vip and non-vip users. 2- Increase price for stat reset. It's waaaay too cheap. It kind of cheapens the whole experience of building a character when you can just pay 5wc and switch at any point. I suggest either increasing the price over all OR paying 5wc per single stat reset OR increasing prices per use ( 1st reset 5wc, 2nd reset 20wc, 3rd 100wc...) 3- Please have your team check /offlevel. My friends and I have been having troubles with it to the point we no longer use it because it's too unreliable. Characters disconect a few minutes after /offlevel despite not getting killed. 4- Incompatibility between /offlevel and /setparty commands. When you /offlevel a character other people can no longer use /setparty to join. Likewise, when switching party masters any /setparty is lost. 5- /dcfriend command 6- Making chat colors more distinct and easier to differentiate from each other. 7- Pk clear with wc shouldn't be a thing. Pk clear shouldn't be a thing, period. 8- http://www.mobiamo.com/ Aaaand lastly not exactly a suggestion but, is the summon assist intentionally disabled? If so, would you mind explain why?
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    need to wait 24h before joining gens after leaving
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    I have hope u have right... ! Thx for quick answer
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    1.2, both banned for 1 week. Next time make a report according the complain form please.
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    let me show You how its works like ( hope i wont be banned also cuz i need use that bug as well to show it ) as we can see at 1st screen -+50k/s and 119k per mob https://imgur.com/a/UFwTOOs now when i leave mine DL at off lvl on trap exp rise to 150k/s and from 199k to 330k per mob https://imgur.com/a/cFF1grV more ppls at off lvl on trap = more exp for me its looks like abuse bug , IGN Sona,Riven,Dead,SinMius,Knight rule 1.2 thanks for attention , hope i make it more clear now
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    4. Helping is caring.. This is why we play.. haha
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    2. Wish for a healthy population (quality over quantity) and let the rampage begin!
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    x20 'Rampage' - dedicated medium rate MU Online server, focused specially for non-reset players. Rampage is about... complete lack of donate items! Yes, you did not misunderstand, any item earned on this server is achieved through the gameplay only. Rampage includes only a very limited x shop. Moreover, Rampage brings a new innovation - progressive content, about which you can read below. Server features Norebirth works only with Webzen's official platform. Main server features can be seen below. Server features Game Version: Season 13 Part 1-2 (Progressive content, S11-S12-S13) Normal level rates: x20 Master (3rd class) level rates: x20 Master (4th class) level rates: x200 Drop rates: 50% Zen rates: x10 Max level: 400 Max master (3rd class) level: 199 399 (Live on July 22, within progression) 400 (Live on August 22, within progression) Max master (4th class) level: 100 (Live on August 22, within progression) Stats for each level: 5/7 Guild creation level: 350 Joining gens level: 50 Mu Helper activation level: 10 Party system When your character is levelling in the party, your experience is modified depending on character classes and levels. Thus, player party without repeatable classes (Gold Party) gets +10% bonus experience for each player. However if party consists of same player classes, it gets a penalty -10% of acquired experience. Furthermore, total amount of penalty and bonus is divided among all members of the party, depending on their level difference. The greater level difference among players is, the greater penalty or bonus they will receive. - 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players Normal party -20% -30% -40% -50% Gold party - +30% +40% +50% Experience rates Character's levelling consists of total - 900 levels. At level 400 DW / DK / ELF / SUM classes will be awarded with 2235 stat points (including Marlon and 3rd class quest completion bonus points). MG / DL / RF / GL classes will be awarded with 2853 stat points (including 3rd class quest completion bonus points). Additionally, extra stat points can be earned from fruits. At level 800 each class will be awarded with extra 400 master level points, which can be used in the master skill tree. However, the most interesting part comes when the player has reached level 800, since now he will be able to transcendence his character to 4th class, earning extra 100 skill points and becoming a true miracle of norebirth world. Meanwhile, player will be able to start our unique achievement system when he has reached level 400, in order to earn more game currency and strengthen his character with a permanent buff. Level Normal Experience Master (3rd Class) Experience Master (4th Class) Experience 1 - 400 x20 - - 400 - 800 - x20 - 800 - 900 - - x200 Progressive content In order to keep players entertained and to experience longer progression, Rampage introduces you a new innovation - progressive leveling system, meaning that each month a new level limit will be raised. The particular system will help non-donators and beginners to catch up with the top players. In addition, each month a new season, map, bosses and x shop goods will be added. Progression table can be seen below. Release date Content Level/Master Level limit X Shop Map (Boss) June 22, within server's release S11 Level: 400, Master Level: 199 Limited EXP boosts (cut seals, pets) + Mini Chaos Cards S1-S11 Locations (S1-S11 Bosses) July 22, after first CS fight S12 Level: 400, Master Level: 399 Gold Chaos Cards + Ruud Nixies Lake (Nix) August 22 S13 Level: 400, Master Level: 500 Rare Chaos Cards Deep Dungeons, Swamp of Darkness (God of Darkness) You can find general description about the server here.
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    its a suggestion !! your choice to fix it or not!
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    Unnecessary? Resetting stats was never part of the game until servers figured out they could profit off it but at this low price that's not even a thing to be said here.
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