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    can you add it to beam knights and balance the drop rate instead. because its easier to farm condor flame than these items..
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    Hi Admin/Moderator i have a problem i cannot put Points on Boost maximum vitality (requires rank 7 "Dark Side Mastery" with a grade higher than 10, but this skill is only 10/10 ) Can you please check why is not working . Thank you Vape
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    telenova times end few seazon before bro , its not working like this anymore and that move must be from old seazon , we are play at seazon 13 ep 2-2.
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    i think they still w8 for IGCN update to fix that , any way they could write smthg just in case if some1 its wondering when new uptade will ba avaible ask them www.igcn.mu cheers
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    Vape i talk about other guild.. dont You Bro..
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    On the site the characters counted online are real? because I do not see all these players on
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    aaaaaa i see , okay okay sry mine bad
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    because you look only from kanturu 1 do relics , and satyros and GGD can be at other maps as well ,where i leave You with that question ;p find answer
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    did u complete the level of the muun? example 0/3. u need 3x that muun to complete the 3 lvls. then u can evolve it.
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    Coins will be added within the next 24 hours!
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    Set on your mu-helper just 1 skill (attacking one) play mu-helper and after /offlevel
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    List of Movies: Bad Santa [2003] A Christmas Horror Story [2015] Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas [2011] Christmas Icetastrophe [2014] A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas [2011] A Bad Mom's Christmas [2017] The Three Dogateers [2014] K9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale [2012] The Night Before [2015] Die Hard 2 [1990] Batman Returns [1992] Jingle All The Way 2 [2014] Elf [2003] Christmas with the Kranks [2004] Congratulations to all winners: Izanami - 25 coins Izanami - 50 coins Izanami - 50 coins Rognir - 50 coins Rognir - 25 coins Izanami - 50 coins Izanami - 25 coins Izanami - 50 coins Izanami - 35 coins Izanami - 50 coins Izanami - 35 coins Izanami - 35 coins Izanami - 50 coins Rognir - 50 coins Coins will be distributed to each winner on December 27.
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    Warmest winter wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from Norebirth Staff. May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may this holiday spirit be with you and your families. As tradition dictates, we would love to remind everyone that this is the time to show appreciation for your family and loved ones. As some play with snowflakes, some are bathing on the sun, this is time for everyone to make a wish and hope for the best 2019. We take pride in maintaining the tradition of celebrating this season holidays with specially prepared events, promotions and entertainment listed below. Festivities' schedule: From December 13 to January 8 - Santa is visiting us! For more info click here. December 23 - in-game holiday events hosted by our staff. From December 13 onwards - Ruud Boxes, Gold and Rare Chaos Card open for purchase. From December 13 to January 8 - winter donation bonuses extra 20% are active. The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours!
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    i agree about DS cus it gives only ruud boxes ,
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    Gemstones drop from Blade Hunter and higher monsters by level, anyway we increased their drop.
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