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  2. Server x100 Extreme has been closed due to the lack of online. Date opening of the new server remains unknown.
  3. Feedback

    In the near future - no.
  4. Feedback

    Do you think about creating events to attract new players? Do you have an idea for a new server or a new version?
  5. Bloodangel Lance

    thank you very much is working now
  6. Bloodangel Lance

    You need add more str/agi
  7. Bloodangel Lance

    Hi there i am back from a while i wanna know why i cannot use Bloodangel weapon for my GL, Marlon quest done all quest is done i am lvl 400 and i am Mirage Lancer now, and still cannot equip BA Lance a bit help here Thanks Vape
  8. Elena's Letter

    Read news, maze event disabled.
  9. Elena's Letter

    @Deryos Ive been afking for 24 hrs and no loot of Elena's Letter. Im here at swamp of darkness
  10. Elena's Letter

    where to loot elena's letter? thank you

    We don't have a premium subscribe on top ranking websites, that's why the post-back system doesn't work.

    Why I dont receive 2 WC every time I vote.

    Where you find such info? Answer - no.
  14. B>>3rd Wing WIZ or DL

    I sell it on market web . No less...

    @Deryos @Groot

    Is there a reward for the first to reach max lvl?
  17. B>>3rd Wing WIZ or DL

    B>> 3rd WING WIZ OR DL = 700 WC PM ME
  18. I used main.exe but i can't log in
  19. Use Main.exe for log-in to the game. As i said in this topic, launcher temporary will not be available.
  20. i can't log in game, i dowloaded pacth...
  21. Cant wear my +15 Holy Angel staff

    Add more str/agi.
  22. Transfer successfully completed. For successful game entry update your game client using Patcher and run Main.exe application. Launcher temporary will not be available.
  23. the achievement

  24. Dear players! As you already know, the game on the current servers Destiny and Miracle does not cause any interest anymore, since it has nearly died. Low online demotivates current users to continue the game, and especially demotivates newcomers to join the game. Destiny and Miracle players must breathe a new life, and to do so, administration has made a decision to transfer them to the already existing Extreme x100 server, where they will be able to continue the game with their current characters. Technically it is a transfer from x10 and x50 to x100, therefore Extreme players have nothing to worry about, however Destiny and Miracle players should prepare for the transfer. Only one highest level character per account with level 400 or above will be transferred. Destiny and Miracle players must move all their gaming items to the one particular character they want to transfer. Only items located in the inventory, extra (bought) inventory, store, event inventory and muun inventory will be transferred together with the character. All items located in vault, x shop and gremory case will be deleted and items with expiration date will be expired. As well, the entire ML skill tree and w coins located on the website will be transferred. When transfer will take place, some of the nicknames may repeat. If the nickname on the Extreme turns out to be same as the one on Destiny and Miracle, then a random character will be generated to the nickname. For these characters, nickname change service will be available for free. Transfer will take place on March 13, so please make sure to follow the steps according the second paragraph.
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