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  1. GUILD (7sky) Gens V.

    Will Recruit new members after Castle Siege. Nov 19.
  2. B> ANC= (best offer)

    ok bro
  3. B> ANC= (best offer)

    B> Vicious helm/pants =wcoins, tell me your price here. (Dont pm in game, cant see pm in server2) write here or in /gpost .
  4. Wizard

    For CC or CS yes, but not always for pvp, sometimes u can just press R-click and make them stand in 1 place
  5. Wizard

    ML wont help, i am using ice storm mastery 35% root, basiclly perma root, they cant move.
  6. Wizard

    I have w3/ wep+15/anc set/200+lvl ML = GL/RF cant evn touch me
  7. Wizard

    Teleport wont help you against BM, once you hit him, u will get stunned
  8. Wizard

    Try duel with BM who has mace on stun and stun on new skill, u will feel what is broken/unbalanced/not fair class. 25% stun in total = 1skill (3x hits), each hit has 25%+ cahnce to stun , also Ref stuns too, no matter what tactic u have u will get permanently stunned as soon as you start attacking BM. After 2-3 moths there will be full server of BM`s or full server of CryBoys who cry about perma stuns, hope admin will react on this
  9. Ancient drop issue

    I would better give castle for Legion so they can feel how useless it is to own castle. No man, i am not that kind of guy who wants to take over all ancients on server or some shit like this. Just want to be sure if its normal to get 3 ancs per 24 hours. Our Sm`s/Elfs dont even have 1 anc set complete, while other class have tons of anc sets.
  10. Ancient drop issue

    I am pretty sure that - (Anubis,Aruan,Enis) item drop rate is 0,1% Never seen any complete Aruan,Anubis or Enis set to be honest. Big Big + for you that u made this topic. Also, talking about LOT, its just funny = no ML lvl, 2-3 ancients per 24 hours, also you need to make 2,3 accounts so they can farm LOT, and not evryone can do it.
  11. B> BK = VGO

    Hello, Want BUY> BK 450+ LVL = 500 - 2,000 wcoins. Depends on your gear. Or i can trade my GL 575LVL + add Wcoins = BK 450+LVL. S> My GL 575LVL= OFFER Wcoins. Write your offers here.
  12. B> lvl3 wings= wcoins.

    BUY> lvl3 wings for GL/ELF/SM/RF =Offer wcoins
  13. GUILD (7sky) Gens V.

    Thanks for your advice. Actually i want to make V gens and D gens balanced. 50/50. I think u got my idea, it wouldnt be fun to Make 5 V gens guilds and 1-2 D gens guilds. So i am thinking of making D gens and making ally with EMPIRE if they agree. But will see, mybe EMPIRE are strong enough to beat all V gens.