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  1. Combo BK strange ?

    for me everything works fine, u do slash more times if u get pushed by some mob.

    Lol :]] So wtf u do on English speaking server. U think admin should know your jippsy language.

    Use google translate if don't know English dumpass
  4. pm amount

    about what u speak ? PK limit ?
  5. lvl 400

    But total is 400x5 = 2000 +180 marlon +20 2nd quest 2200 . So thats why i think is extra points.
  6. lvl 400

    Experience rates Your character's levelling consists of total - 800 levels. At level 400 DW / DK / ELF / SUM class will be awarded with 1995 stat points (excluding the Marlon quest bonus points). MG / DL / RF / GL class will be awarded with 2793 stat points. Moving on at level 800 each class will be awarded with extra 400 master level points, which can be used in the master skill tree. However, the game does not stop on that, as you will be able to start achievement system when you reach level 400, in order to earn more game currency and strengthen your character with a permanent buff. Its mean on lvl 400 we should get extra 1995 stats ?
  7. Dark Horse cant obtain exp

    i'm not pro in darklords , but i think u should add more points to command.
  8. Reporting for harassment

    what the problem ? don't like pk buy vip and go nopvp thats all.
  9. Lf teammate vip server

    go to gens D and join Empire in bonus u will get party

    Empire [GENS D] Looking for active members, at the moment we take all who want to join us no minimal lvl requirmed. To join us you need follow instructions. Be a Gens D , i u are Gens V left it and after 24 hours take Gens D Then will press key N on your keyboard , then choice guilds and then press join thats all, then in maximum 6hours i will accept you.
  11. Suggestion

    go to x9999 and you will get all this i think u didn't understand where u play...
  12. some things

    groot please fix it is start totaly pissing out , now i lost 31 gold branches. i should drop all from event box to ground and then fast open eggs.....
  13. some things

    i have 4x4 in event invetory , there is other problem, can't be more by 2 eggs in event inv, when i drop them do floor and try use everything works ok, is not normal
  14. some things

    wcoins for vote i have already voted about 8 times , in topvoters show only 2 votes and i didn't get any wcoins yet.
  15. some things

    1. Drop from red dragons, crap items like guardian , dragon +1,+2 no exc, no stones , is it normally ? 2. Moon egs i have place in invetory 4x4 even more can't open egg . get system log please press accept before cheking your inventory space.