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  1. Golden and Silver BOX

    ty adm
  2. Golden and Silver BOX

    I can pick up Golden, Silver box on any map And..I do not see selling in x-shop
  3. Wcoin Sever

    ty adm
  4. Wcoin Sever

    How do I get a wcoin sever
  5. HELP ME...PLS

    I cant connect to server... Help pls
  6. GENS

  7. GENS

    After how long can I join again Gens
  8. Ruud Skill

  9. Ruud Skill

    I can not see the ruud skill in the Ruud NPC shop
  10. Ruud Skill

    Buy Ruud Skill=Wcoin or Ruud
  11. I can not find him in Lorencia,Ebeland,Noria,Devias
  12. Question off level system

    When can offlevel grow to offattack in the future ????
  13. Setting winmode

    How to install a larger 800x600 configuration of winmode?