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  1. If You are feeling unpleasant there, making your gaming expirience a pain, feel free to hit me up in game, we can talk about possibility of a transfer! : )
  2. We are still recruiting : ) Send PM or apply thru N button.
  3. B> Archangel Stick +L+EDR

  4. Ponnies Caution: Please PLAY video while reading. About us Don't worry, this isn't a massive Virgins attack on Lorencia Barmaid nor yet another Windows update, which will cause you headache. We are newly formed guild which got roots on the fallen Empire. Upon dying, we saw a light, an Unicorn whom shows us the way, the way of creating mature, skilled and fair guild with a doze of nice smells. And here we are, a group of poeple willing to help each other and creating a nice place for expirienced players. I am fair to every single member of the guild - we gonna do events/bosses togheter, and I'm going to share the loot evenly and fairly as hard as I can, by the power of the Unicorn. Order of items distributing items is: Most needed by players killing the Boss/doing event -> Players in guild that couldn't participate in kill/event -> Market by guild members What we are looking for ponnies 1. Willing to progress, unwind, make the guilld stronger 2. Mature, knows how to communicate in guild 3. More or less expirienced 4. 400+ as of dedicated to the game 5. Whom don't spoil on chat newest DBZ episode 6. Greets ponnies members with a /Hustle Clearly not looking for 1. Troublemakers 2. Filthy individuals 3. Virgins 4. More than 1 Toon/Character in guild Please contact ingame for a chit chat application: Waifu, OwwO, Skurwesyn or apply by pressing "N" button.
  5. Castle Siege: LOT problem.

    I see what u did there Shoutout to GLancer
  6. Castle Siege: LOT problem.

    Im still holding CTRL. Groot plz, can I relase it already?! Ty
  7. B> Archangel Stick +L+EDR

    Pm in game: OwwO