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  4. /offwcoins

    On market you can search for any particular item in a second's time, whereas in-game it will take so much time to go through all the stores and find the actual item you want. Again, in-game w coin trading is disabled for security reasons as well.
  5. /offwcoins

    Yes indeed, the only way to sell items for w coins is through our market on the website. There is an offtrade system as well, however it allows you to sell items for Zen and Jewels only.
  6. cannot move in NON-PK server

    Since gold channel is a non-pvp server, there are only three ways how you can to get to battle locations on the gold channel: First way is to get there on your feet. For example, you can enter to Aida through the teleport, which is located in Noria (223, 28). Second and the most common way is to get there through another server (Event Square or Crywolf). First teleport to Event Square or Crywolf and then you will be able to teleport to any of Battle locations via hotkey ''M''. Third way is to follow these steps: Go to normal server http://prntscr.com/gfavw0 Make a move to battle map http://prntscr.com/gfaw4b Select server http://prntscr.com/gfawb5 Go to gold server https://prnt.sc/h0m03r
  7. Asgard, 22.10.2017 16:00 (GMT+3)

    Event #1 Winners (Prize pool of 125 W Coins) Winner 1: Partyhours - 25 W Coins Winner 2: JUDGEMENT - 25 W Coins Winner 3: Laury - 25 W Coins Winner 4: Laury - 25 W Coins Winner 5: Misca - 25 W Coins Event #2 Winners (Prize pool of 150 W Coins) Winner 1: Didiann - 15 W Coins Winner 2: KAIWING - 15 W Coins Winner 3: POLUTAN - 15 W Coins Winner 4: Stoya - 15 W Coins Winner 5: Bjork - 15 W Coins Winner 6: SooYeun - 15 W Coins Winner 7: Stoya - 15 W Coins Winner 8: Stoya - 15 W Coins Winner 9: Anarchy - 15 W Coins Winner 10: Nina - 15 W Coins Event #3 Winners (Prize pool of 100 W Coins) Winner 1: Snowe - 20 W Coins Winner 2: Copazin - 20 W Coins Winner 3: Zeitgeist - 20 W Coins Winner 4: zZzZz - 20 W Coins Winner 5: Uberboyz - 20 W Coins Prizes will be credited within a week after publishing winners.
  8. pm amount

    It was like that all the time. When you have reached 100 murders, you can't hit or kill any of players, until your PK level is lowered. To lower your PK level, you must kill certain amount of monsters or use the indulgence scroll, which can be bough in the x shop. Described here as well.
  9. Asgard, 22.10.2017 16:00 (GMT+3)

    The following events will take place on RS Asgard (Regular Server): Event #1: Hide and seek Prize pool: 125 W Coins (5 Winners, 25 W Coins each) Event #2: Fill the gaps Prize pool: 150 W Coins (10 Winners, 15 W Coins each) Event #3: Legendary weapon Prize pool: 100 W Coins (5 Winners, 20 W Coins each) Information about all of the events can be found here. Prizes will be credited within a week after publishing winners.
  10. Dark Horse cant obtain exp

    Command has nothing to do with horse, as it doesn't require any. Indeed, seems like your level is too low, as its equipment level grows together with its level as well.
  11. Cherry exchange

    So here are the step: go to the npc first, open your event inventory, click on the cherries, move those cherries on the npc, now click on the npc.
  12. Vulcanus Mobs

    This is normal, even in webzen there's such thing.
  13. lvl 400

    1995 + 180 (after Marlon quest) + 30 (after 3rd class quest completion) = 2205 + you can earn extra points from fruits. I have edited this paragraph in the server information thread to make it more clear for everybody.
  14. lvl 400

    It is said: ''excluding the Marlon quest bonus points''. So you have to count marlon and 3rd class quest completion points as well.
  15. Golden and Silver BOX

    Golden and Silver boxes can be gained at Doppelganger and Imperial Fort.